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Re: dual NICs

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Zac Epkes wrote:

>You can not have 1 NIC with 2 IPs simply not possible, i think u can buy
>network cards with upto 4 ports that all act alone, or something similar...

Wrong!  eth0:1 and eth0:0...  _Never_ say something's impossible...

>- overid3 =)
>On Tuesday 15 May 2001 14:12, Matthew Sackman wrote:
>> Hay all.
>> Does anyone have any knowledge of a network card that has two
>> independant eth ports on it? The reason I ask is that I've
>> gotta get 4 eth ports into a server squashed into a 2U rack
>> which means I only have 3 expansion cards available...
>> I look forward to hearing from you!
>> Matthew

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