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PCI Card *wishlist*

I was installing 2.2r0 and my PCI video card was not 
found. I'm staying away from X for right now, but
wonder if the Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 is supported
in r3 of Debian. 

If not xviddetect came back with the following line
10de002d|i386|Nvidia Coirporation|Riva TNT2 Model 64
If you could add it to the PCI wishlist, I'd
appreciate it.

Just as an aside, I was coming into GNU/Linux last
December and decided that the best way to go was to
get a machine that was ok'd by one of the GNU/Linux
distributors, so I went with Red Hat. Their list of
compatible systems were limited to Dell an IBM. There
was no mention of Penguin Computers, and given the
crap I had to go through to order a Linux machine from
Dell, I'd have probably gone with them.

The point here is that the video card that Red Hat
suggested is not supported in generic GNU/Linux, it
makes me suspect they are trying to steer any new
users to being exclusivley Red Hat users. It almost
makes me wonder if GNU/Linux is going the way of UNIX,
with different flavors and no one agreeing on a
standard. Just my opinion.


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