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Re: Karsten's browser reviews (updated)

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> I've updated my review of GNU/Linux web browsing alternatives, largely
> in light of recent advances by the Mozilla and Galeon teams.  I'm
> looking for feedback, particularly on anything I might have missed.
>     http://home.netcom.com/GNU/Linux/FAQs/browsers.html
> I might add that I'm quite pleased with Galeon.
> Cheers.

from the konqueror review:


	KDE dependencies. Difficulties and/or issues running independently of KDE.
	These are subsiding with time -- a recent Debian upgrade, and cleaning out
	of some conflicting KDE package source servers has given me a working KDE
	installation. I still find the total desktop environment to be annoying
	and bloated on my aging (but recently invigorated) PPro-180/256MB home
	system. Running Konqueror under WindowMaker, my preferred desktop, results
	in some annoying font and display choices which aren't readily addressable
	through WindowMaker.

it seems to run fine under fvwm.  the major beef i have with it is
regular crashes with https.


debconf: package "debconf" is not installed or does not use debconf

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