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Proview PS-910 monitor?

Does anyone have any experience with getting Proview
monitors, and more specifically the PS-910, to work
in Debian? I have an Ati All-In-Wonder 128 Pro graphics
card which seems to be setup fine and when I run startx,
there doesn't appear to be any errors. Problem is that
all I get is a blank black screen. When I press Ctrl+Alt+F1
and then Ctrl+C, that's where I don't see any errors. 
Everything appears to have been running right. I'm assuming 
it's just my monitor (in face I have a MAG monitor which 
uses the same settings so I'll try that with this computer
tommorow morning to be sure). Any ideas?

Bart Szyszka
bart@gigabee.com  ICQ:4982727  Jabber:bart@jabber.org
GigaBee  http://www.gigabee.com

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