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Re: Firing on all CPUs

DS> I've got a dual-CPU system that I'm starting to think only runs off one
DS> processor.  The kernel has SMP support built in and /proc/cpuinfo shows
DS> two processors, but top only shows a single set of CPU utilization (although
DS> it could just be that the stock debian top isn't SMP aware, I suppose) and
DS> the system slows down terribly when the load average approaches 1.0 rather
DS> than at 2.0 (although I think this box probably sees high load because it's
DS> disk-bound rather than CPU-bound).

DS> Is there anything else I need to do to activate SMP?  And how do I get top
DS> to display stats for each CPU instead of either ignoring the second or
DS> presenting aggregate stats?

If /proc/cpuinfo shows two CPUS then both of them are working. Some
old versions of top supports only one CPU - you need updated top if
you want it to see correct CPU info in it. Also some old versions of
ps also was broken on SMP boxes. I don't rememeber what exactly was
broken. I just remember that old ps shows some stats wrongly on SMP.

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