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Re: [OT] Maxtor Ultra ATA/100 pci card

On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 02:48:32PM -0500, ktb wrote:
> I've been searching through various Linux hardware databases and the 
> archives and can't find support listed for the card.  Anyone have any
> experience with this card and 2.4 kernel?  I see there is support for
> the Promise card.
> Thanks
> kent

The Maxtor ATA100 card is a Promise card, and it is supported by 2.4.x
If you are using menuconfig...
select "ATA/IDE/MFM/RLL support"
then "IDE,ATA and ATAPI block devices"
then "Promise PDC20246...."
and "Special UDMA featurs"

Works fine for me.  Even boots off of hde.

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