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RE: Problems with sendmail

On Sun, 13 May 2001, Robert Schmidt wrote:

> I might have had problems with my domain name. I changed my /etc/hosts to
> call myself
> notquitesonic.worldfactors.com (another hostname I had set up for dns
> reasons a while
> ago). Before if I did hostname --domain I would get "com" (since my hostname
> was notquitesonic).

When something like this pops up, try `sendmail -bt -d0.11 </dev/null` -
it will tell you what sendmail thinks about the local host.
canonical name: back40.dyndns.badlands.lexington.ibm.com
        a.k.a.: back40
        a.k.a.: back40.dyndns
        a.k.a.: back40.dyndns.badlands
        a.k.a.: back40.dyndns.badlands.lexington
 UUCP nodename: back40
        a.k.a.: back40.badlands.lexington.ibm.com
        a.k.a.: []
============ SYSTEM IDENTITY (after readcf) ============
      (short domain name) $w = back40
  (canonical domain name) $j = lig32-225-131-19.us.lig-dial.ibm.com
         (subdomain name) $m = dyndns.badlands.lexington.ibm.com
              (node name) $k = back40

> I've been able to send and receive so far, I'll let you know if I have the
> problem again. I was able to send and receive yesterday and then it broke
> again earlier today.

Dialup line ?

> Thanks for the timely reply. I've been wasting too much time fighting this
> problem (I should have asked for help earlier :) )

I know the feeling, I spend alot of time that way myself ;-)

Rick Nelson
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