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Re: xdm on beta-blockers

on Sun, May 13, 2001 at 12:54:43PM +0100, Martin WHEELER (mwheeler@startext.co.uk) wrote:
> OK, I give up.
> Can anyone explain to me why xdm now takes a full 60 seconds to load and
> kick in?
> [Celeron 433, 64M, ATI Rage 128 16M, debian 2.2r3+testing, upgraded
> daily.]
> I'm flummoxed.
> It doesn't appear to be a memory-swapping problem -- more of a
> security-permissions related thing, as no-one but root can now run
> startx; and last week I was getting error messages about suspicious
> ownership of /tmp/.X11-unix.  (No longer reproducible.)
> I don't know enough about X to sort this one out -- can anyone help?

I usually suspect DNS timeouts on long startup lags related to X or
other network services.  Have you changed any of:  /etc/hosts,
/etc/resolv.conf, or your local nameserver configurations, recently?


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