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Re: I'm so lost

I am like you a complete novice to unix/linux and in
the process of installing Debian on my PC. I haven't
installed a GUI yet so I can't help you directly with
that but I can recommend a book that helped me get a
basic understanding of the bash shell and Linux
utilities and file system organization. It's called,
"A Practical Guide to Linux" by Mark Sobell. It has
many examples which are very helpful to a complete
novice such as myself. There is a chapter on graphical
user interfaces.

Also I noticed on amazon.com that they finally
released, "The Debian GNU/Linux Bible". Since its just
been published I can't review it but it must be the
most up-to-date distribution specific book on Debian

--- ktb <ktb@nixnotes.org> wrote:
> On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 09:46:28AM -0600,
> thedoghouse@sunvalley.net wrote:
> > Hi guys. I'm sure you get sick of fielding
> questions from people that 
> > must seem braindead but I need some suggestions. 
> > 
> > I have made the big leap for me and installed
> Debian. I had a few 
> > problems (once it crashed during install) but I'm
> there, I'm at bash 
> > and I don't know what to do. I thought that
> installing the 
> > home/stand alone package would get me to something
> a little more 
> > familier than bash (like some sort of GUI) but I
> was wrong. I am 
> > trying to understand the book that I bought, but I
> fear it was 
> > intended for someone a little more advanced then
> me. (The book is 
> > Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 Unleashed-From Knowledge to
> Mastery) My 
> > goal would be to get something like GNOME
> installed along with 
> > some user applications. I simply do not know where
> to start. 
> > Currently I am not logged in as root and I do not
> even know how to 
> > shut down the system. One other problem I noticed
> during install 
> > and in bash is that the keyboard is a little
> trigger happy. When 
> > trying to press one character, I would press
> multiples, which 
> > caused a lot of frustration when trying to come up
> with a root 
> > password.
> Look into the package "tasksel" to setup X.  
> $ man tasksel
> kent
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