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Aliasing an IP address? [semi-OT]

Hello people,

Here's the thing: I have a small network at work (4 computers, each one
using a 10.0.0.x address). The Debian server is There's a
notebook at

However, the guy with the notebook already has a small network at home,
which he wouldn't like to change to suit the IP addresses of work. He also
doesn't like to always change the IP to and wait for windows to
boot one more time before he can start actually working, so he'd like me
to, somehow, make his home network' IP address be recognized as local at
the debian box. Is there a easy way to do that? My idea was to just alias
his IP to the one he is supposed to use (, so that the server
thinks that traffic is coming from that IP regardless of what IP is set on
his windoze box (even though it would be fixed). If you understand my
question and know the answer, please help. :-)


[BTW: If you don't mind, Cc to me, I'm not subscribed to -user atm.]

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