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xinetd & Proftpd.

	Hi All!

	I'm running potato (2.2r3). I have xinetd and proftpd running on my
machine. Right now, proftpd runs in standalone mode and xinetd has NO entry
about it.

	However, i'd like to be able to run proftpd FROM xinetd... I went around
the docs (FAQ's, etc...) and i found out how to do it... But it does not seem to
work. In the beggining i thought it was me, ..., but now i'm convinced it is not
(i copied the configuration from the url!).

	Anybody knows about any issue between proftpd and xinetd on Debian?!
(My specific problem is that, when it works, it generates - xinetd - an infinite
amount of logs!!!)

	Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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