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nvidia X performance/problem solved...

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I've been getting quite some reactions on my nvidia problem, of which about 
50% basic remarks and the other half very useful ones. Thanks for all of 
them, ...
I'll start with (shortly) explaining with what I was strugling and then what 
made me solve it (for more elaborate ramblings of mine about this, I suggest 
you check the mailing list archives ;) )
PROBLEM: whenever I started my X server with the nvidia module, I got a green 
rectangle on my screen, on the position I last played an DivX encoded film 
(either in wintendo or in Linux). It covered everything, and got rid of it by 
starting another clip.
Since then, this problem has been confirmed by a collegue of mine (Tom), on a 
Mandrake or Redhat system. Only his rectangle was reported to be orange :P
Tnx to Jeff Ewing and Adam Cassar that gave suggestions to solve the probs (I 
even met a person on the #nvidia channel that went there because of my mail) 
(and those I forget, because my inbox is a real mess).

Well basically, I removed the following options from the default XF86Config-4
(After recompiling a kernel without fb support (vesa or nvidia), and without 
AGP support -2.4.4-)...
Section "Module"
#       Load    "GLcore"
#       Load    "dri"
and added
Section "Screen"
        Option "NvAgp" "1"
with my device being:
Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Diamond Viper 770"
        Driver          "nvidia"
        VideoRam        32768

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- --
       greetz, marc
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