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Re: RealPlayer8 plugin and Mozilla0.9

Matthew Thompson wrote:

Anyone get them to work together?  I cp'd rpnp.so and raclass.zip into my
mozilla/plugins directory and restarted Mozilla to no effect.  Got Java
and Flash working ok, but not RP8.  Works fine in NS4.77 and Konq2.1.1.
Sure would be cool to have a browser that renders espn.go.com correctly
(not the index.30.html, but the real thing) and also can play the Real

TIA :)

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I believe this has been discussed before. There's also a bugzilla bug on the issue (assuming you're having the same problem, which you probably are).

It appears that, for some reason, the real player plugin only works on mozilla if mozilla has been compiled with gcc2.95 (available in most directories ending with 09 on ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/nightly). For information, find the bug at bugzilla.mozilla.org.

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