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Re: LS120 drive

>From a Google search, the document at this URI


indicates that as early as kernels 2.0 something there was support for
running an IDE LS-120 as an a: drive. The Linux hardware database entry


is not comprehensive, but it seems to warn of using an LS-120 with
UltraDMA. This might be a limitation. In any case, you would be advised
to use a recently manufactured mainboard with an up-to-date BIOS. 

There are additional concerns about how to mount the floppy once you
get the hardware working. Maybe this can be worked out. This appears to
be a general Linux issue, not necessarily a Debian issue.

It might be easier to transfer the contents of the floppies from an
Amiga computer to a Linux computer with ftp or something else. This
might be drudgery, however.

good luck,

Andrew Hagen

On Fri, 4 May 2001 10:32:25 +0200 (CEST), Sebastiaan wrote:

>I am planning to copy several hundreds (thousands?) of old Amiga floppys
>to my computer and burn a cd from it. My Amiga drives are old and
>relatively slow and an ordinary PC floppy controller can not read Amiga
>floppys, so I was thinking about buying a LS120 drive for this job. 
>How well does this drive work under Linux? I have heard that it is
>possible to read Amiga floppys with this drive, and that the drive is much
>faster. Is this true?
>Or does anyone have an alternative on how to read Amiga floppys on PC's?
>Thanks in advance,
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