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uucp news feed gone one way


I'm plaing with woody on my nntp server and my notebook. 
I've had quite good working uucp feed betwen them (just for fun, I know
there are simpler ways). On server I've got inn 2.3.1-4 
on notebook inn 1.7.2-18. After apt-get upgrade few days ago serwer stoppede
receiving news from notebook. The opposite direction works well as usual. 

Few lines from log:
uucico dixie news (2001-05-07 10:34:43.42 3365) Sending rnews (D.003D) (15308 bytes)
uucico dixie - (2001-05-07 10:34:43.45 3365) Call complete (5 seconds 1337913 bytes 267582 bps)
uuxqt dixie news (2001-05-07 10:34:45.56 3372) Executing X.dixied001B (rnews)
uuxqt dixie news (2001-05-07 10:34:45.56 3372) ERROR: Execution: Exit status 1
uuxqt dixie news (2001-05-07 10:34:45.56 3372) Execution failed (X.dixied001B)

I think there is something wrong with rnews, maybe its permissions. I've
tried some combinations but w/o any result. 
rnews is from:  inn2-inews  2.3.1-4

                                                       * Tomek
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