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ISA and PCI network cards

Hay all (again),

I've got to install a box with two network cards. I've got a nasty feeling that
I'm going to end up with an ISA and a PCI both of which are compatible with the
ns2000 driver module.

So, onto my questions: both of them are PnP (oh really? - the ns2000 driver is
not plug and play originally but we'll let that pass). If I manage to get it
set up properly in /etc/isapnp.conf then is this file read on startup before any
of the modules are loaded?

What how do I possibly configure /etc/modules (or related files) so that the
ISA card is always set as eth0 and the PCI card as eth1? Is it reliable to
assume that the ISA IO address will always be the same (so long as no other
hardware is added/removed)? and thus can this address be premanently inserted
in /etc/modules?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.



Matthew Sackman

Using Debian/GNU Linux
Enjoying computing

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