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samba 2.2.0-final + %U patch

I managed to patch the sid samba 2.2.0-final debs to include Jerremy's %U
patch, which means that I can actually use 2.2.0.

If anyone else is interested in having my NMU debs, send me private email
and I will send the package.  I would put it on a web page but I am on the
end of a slow modem connection.

Now I need samba 2.2.0 for potato.  This is outside my ability, so if
anyone has done this I sure would like a copy.

Lindsay Allen   <allen@cleo.murdoch.edu.au>    Perth, Western Australia
voice +61 8 9316 2486, 0403 272 564   32.0125S 115.8445E   Debian Linux

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