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Page-up/Page-down keys and shell history

Hi all,

I've been looking into this for a litle bit and am unable to find an
answer. This is a feature AFAIK only implemented by SuSE:

At a prompt type one or more characters then use Page Up/Page Down
to scroll through all commands that started with these characters.
So typing:


would then give a 'scrollable' list of anything that started with cd
simply hit enter when you reach the command you were looking for.

I know Ctrl-r and am familiar with ! but they are not as nice, and
really not the same.
Would anybody have a clue as to how this could be implemented?

I don't think it is shell dependent, so I don't think it's a bash
option but I could very well be wrong.
(Tried the dotfile generator, but don't see anything there)

The option is _really_ addictive therefor my post:)


Joost van der Lugt

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