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Re: Postfix or Exim?

also sprach mdevin (on Sun, 06 May 2001 10:40:21AM +1000):
> So my question is, should I bother with postfix?  Is it easier to
> customise, edit headers etc?  Is it more robust?  What are some of the
> advantages that made some of you change to postfix?


why don't you use lsof or netstat -a to find out which process is
binding the smtp port. i bet you there is still an exim process around
even though you deleted the package. also, check /etc/inetd.conf again
and *restart* inetd!

send me the output of

  netstat -a | grep LISTEN


  lsof | grep smtp

and i'll have a look.

i use postfix and i've tried all the others
(sendmail,qmail,zmailer,exim) and postfix beats them all!

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