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Re: Command-line arguments for CD drive

* Barry Kirsten <bkirsten@ruralnet.net.au> (2001-05-05 22:40):
>    I'm having trouble getting Debian to recognise my CD-drive, even
>    though it will boot and install >from same. For the third time I have
>    trashed everything and started the installation from scratch. I now
>    think my trouble may be to do with command-line arguments for the
>    drive.
>    The drive is a Creative 8x (model CD822E) and Debian wants to install
>    the sbpcd driver which seems logical to me. I have tried the argument:
>    "sbpcd=0x230,SoundBlaster" as suggested in the CD-ROM HOWTO, and
>    variations of those, but they all are rejected, with comments
>    like "syntax error: end of file unexpected - installation failed".

AFAIK, the above argument should only be used if your CD-ROM is
connected to the ide interface on your soundblaster card (a fairly
rare occurrance nowadays).  If this is the case then I would suggest
connecting the CD-ROM to one of the IDE channels on your motherboard
instead, it'll be much easier in the long run.

If you already have debian installed, then "mount /cdrom" (with a CD
in the drive) should allow you to browse the contents.

If you're having problems during the installation, which part of the
installation wants to install the driver as above?  Is it in the
beginning, when it asks if you want to install any extra kernel
drivers, or later on, before installing the base system?  On all my
installations, I've just selected cdrom as the medium, and its carried
on fine.

Sean Quinlan (smq@gmx.co.uk)

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