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Re: Installation Problems with USB keyboard

Am Freitag 04 Mai 2001 08:45 schrieb Anthony Lau:
> At 11:03 PM +0200 5/3/2001, Christoph Pickart wrote:
> >Hello debian users,
> >
> >since a couple of hours I try to install debian 2.2r2 on
> >an AMD1GHz, AsusA7M266 with USB keyboard and
> >mouse.
> I'm pretty sure the Asus BIOS has the option of having the BIOS "take care"
> of the USB ports. This will allow you to setup the kernel and install
> correctly.

The only options I found in the BIOS setup were to enable
or disable legacy USB support.
I build another kernel to boot my existing linux (which is
Mandrake, and it was only possible to install because the
mouse worked). The kernel complains about a non-existing
or not AT-compliant keyboard. Later while booting
the input core and usb support work, but that is too late
to change the floppies. You have to du it earlier in boot process.
Perhaps there is a parameter for the kernel to look for
usb devices earlier?


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