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Minor Technical Difficulties


I recently set up a debian box using the following equipment. I am experiencing a SCSI problem which I believe to be hardware-related, but I remember reading something about SCSI timeouts and wonder if someone can help me. What happens is the SCSI bus is reset, then the drive shuts down. In the meantime I get screens full of i/o error messages. Soon, the drive starts up again, but Debian has placed the system in read-only mode, and I have to reboot.

The other problem I have is that the system starts up in graphical login mode, and I don't know where the switch is to turn it back to text. The only reason I installed X at all was so I could use fetchmailconf.

Lastly, now that I have X installed, I would like to install the driver for the S-3 Virge card. Is there a facility like APT-GET that I can use to fetch and install the driver?

        Here's a summary of my system:

        P-200MMX on P5STE motherboard with 128M PC-66 DIMMs
        Buslogic BT-946 PCI-based SCSI controller
        HP 2.13GB #A2 SCSI drive
        S-3 Virge Video Card with 2MB (per SuperProbe)
        Realtek 10/100 PCI Network Adaptor


        Jim Darrough

Jim Darrough, ARS KI7AY

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