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Re: IRQ 0 for 3C900 Combo PCI?

Hi there - 
You picked a slightly fidgety ethernet card to use under linux - I know, I have one from the same family.  Don't worry, all it needs is some tweaking.  The site below can answer all your questions better than I can, but essentially your card uses the #c59x series of drivers, but that driver needs a little adjusting depending on which member of the family you have.  Good luck!

> Greetings, list :)
> I just set up a server in our office here in Houston with the above
> mentioned card.  When the system boots, the 3Com ethernet card comes up
> with IRQ 0 which, of course, doesn't work.
> WTF??? :)
> Any help anyone could give would be GREATLY appreciated since I'm supposed
> to fly home to Seattle tomorrow.
> Cheers..................
> Matt Thompson    wassoc@mattyt.net
> Network Administrator
> Williamson & Associates
> http://www.wassoc.com
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