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Re: power off on shutdown doesn't work

Akop Pogosian wrote:
> Linux kernel has a feature that enables a machine capable of turning
> the power off on it's own to do so with "shutdown -h.." or "poweroff"
> commands. I used to rely on this feature for shutting down my own and
> other machines remotely. I used to compile my own kernels but recently
> I switched to a pre-packaged 2.4.3 (woody package, back-ported to
> potato). Automatic power off on shutdown stopped working. Is there a
> reason that this useful feature is not enabled in the standard Debian
> kernels?

yes, because apm can wreck havok on some systems. i believe if you
put the line

in your append statement for booting the kernel it should work, at least
thats what ive seen others post with regaurds to 2.2.x kernels.

hope this helps


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