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Re: sendmail and setgroups()

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Shane Wegner wrote:

> The current SendMail in unstable appears to be doing a
> setgroups() call when it does not have superuser
> privileges.  I am getting the following on a regular basis
> from my lids kernel.
> LIDS: sendmail (9 2 inode 32909) pid 19760 user (8/8) on
> NULL tty: more CAP_SETGID violation: Try to
> setgroups,logging disabled for 10 seconds
> It only loggs this when setgroups() is called and the user
> is not root.  Do you have any idea what this could be?

Yeah, its part of the recent security updates sendmail is pushing
for the 8.12.0 release.

They've already received a report on this, I'll second it so we
can see if they'll do the SETGID only if running root.
Rick Nelson
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