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Re: Parallel zips

You'll need the parport (and I think the parport_pc) as well as the imm modules.

At Wed, 2 May 2001 14:09 +0100 (BST) , dlharper@cix.co.uk (David Harper) wrote: 

>I am sure this must be an FAQ, but I cannot find it.
>Is it possible to use the standard Debian install process (Debian 2.2 r2) to 
>set up an external, parallel port 250Mb Iomega Zip drive? If so, what 
>modules / parameters do I need?
>I have tried the imm module, but this will not install. (It just tells me 
>that "Device or resource busy". It adds, of course, that this can be caused 
>by incorrect parameters, but it will not accept any parameters I can think 
>to give it.

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