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Re: php not working

Actually I ran into a similar problem with an older
version of php4 I had installed after I upgraded

Essentially the upgrade of mysql changed the library
used to connect to it, causing php to fail to load
on startup.

Check your apache logs and make sure that php isn't
generating an error (if it doesn't load, it can't
handle any php files!).


-- Original Message --

>> basically what is happening is the php code is being
>> sent to your browser
>> instead of being executed by the server. you need to
>> tell the server that
>> a component (in this case mod_php) needs to process
>> the file first, hence
>> the AddHandler...
>Like the documentation said I added this to the apache
>AddHandler php3-script  .php3
>and now even the .php3 files dont work?
>Any more ideas? Thanks
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