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Re: Shutting down as a user

Dear friends,
thanks to all of you for the many helpful suggestions. In the end I've 
complied with the method of Francisco Neto which is IMHO the tidiest.
Here it is enclosed.
----- Forwarded message from francisco m . neto 
<einstein@socrates.if.usp.br> -----

	I suggest a different approach. Still lon /etc/inittab, you
can put another entry, for the keyboard request:

kb::kbrequest:/sbin/shutdown -h -a -t0 now
 (Remember to comment out the existing kb:: etc line)

	The '-a' option tells shutdown to use an authorization file
at /etc/shutdown.allow. In this file, you put the usernames you want
to be allowed to reboot/halt the machine. 
	When logged in, press Alt+<UpArrow> to halt the system with
the Keyboard Request.

		francisco m. neto
			(a.k.a Fujikuro)

	"Toke au kokoro ga, watashi o kowasu."
			-- Ayanami Rei

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