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Hardware acceleration for Voodoo 3

Hello List

After my upgrade to woody (and XFree4), I cannot run q3a and ut any
more. Both of them crash X comletely (means: gdm restartsthe X server
automatically after a few seconds). I do not know where to start
searching for the reasons of this. According to a posting in the
debian-x list, I only need the xserver-package and xlibsmesa3-package.
Hmmm, I got these, it still does not work. So I tried out libglide3
(which replaces xlibmesa3) --> Same problem. I'm sure I have all the
modules I need (tdfx, tdfx-dri, glx for X, agpgart, 3dfx and tdfx for
the kernel)
So, has anyone this working who could help me, please?

Thank you


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