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Re: The Perfect Debian / Personal Computer

On Mon, Apr 23, 2001 at 10:56:17PM -0500, Michael Danicich wrote:
> Modem:  Go with external.  You can rest assured they are not WinModems and will work under Linux.  My USRobotics 56k external 
> modem worked great up until I got DSL. :)
> Sound Card:  I've only used a Creative AWE64 Gold card.  It has worked almost flawlessly using the Sound Blaster driver.
> Video Card:  Matrox makes some decent cards that are well-supported under Linux.  I've also used ATI cards, but I've had some troubles 
> with them under Linux.  They all worked eventually, but it took some work to get there.
> Mike
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> > 
> > Well i have given up on trying to configured Windows / Linux together.  I can't get the hardware right and don't feel like fucking with it 
> anymore.  I wanna build a computer just for linux-debian.  I know what kinda motherboard and KMD processor i wanna get but could 
> someone please list what i should use for a modem, sound card, video card that will configure perfect and won't require much work but 
> installing it and configuring X Windows.  Thanks to all those who respond!
> > 
> > Andrew J Woodill
> > woodill@yta.attmil.af.mil
> > 

For more modern hardware:

SB Live based sound cards are well supported

NVidia Geforce 2 video cards work well in 4.0.x (not sure about
3.3.x), and have excellent OpenGL support with NVidia's
(unfortunately) closed-source drivers.


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