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Re: HOWTO? Fix a term that has "space junk"

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Hurley <debian4tux@telocity.com> writes:

Mark> When I run...

Mark> 	cat *somebinaryfile*

Mark> My term displays irregular ansi characters.  (I've called space
Mark> junk) I realize the correct information is being displayed, just
Mark> sort of encrypted.  ;)

Mark> Without exiting the term how do you fix this?

Hey cool, one I actually know!

If all it's done is sprayed garbage all over the screen, Control-L may
fix it by redrawing the screen.

However, this usually doesn't work, because the font table got hosed,
and everything's garbage.  You have to send a initialize command to
the terminal. Type 'echo ', and then press Control-V Escape 'c'.  This
will place the two character sequence "^]c" on the command line,
and when you run it, the terminal should be fixed.

(You probably won't be able to read it properly when you're typing it
in, because the font table's hosed.  Just type it blind.)

$_{\$,}=[];@,=(%_,\%_,\*_,sub{},'JaPH'x2);y/0-9a-y//d,for(@,);map{$_ x=3}@,;$q=
join'',sort'$y=shift@,; $y^= int(eval$q) $q=q-my eval${q}if@,;$y-;pr'=~/\S*/g;$
_=q]"^vp|\@Zi0e|12O7340CP567M[,"];s@\d@\$][$&]@g;@]=(split'',unpack qq^$&q^^q^,

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