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rtl8139 vs. 8139too (was Problems with 8139too...)

Marc Haber wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Apr 2001 13:06:23 +0200, Marc Haber
> <mh+usenet0113@zugschlus.de> wrote:
> >2.2.19 hat beide Treiber, und für 2.4.3 gibt es auf Sourceforge einen
> >noch neueren. Ich habe das Problem, dass eine ältere 8139-basierende
> >Karte zwar erkannt, aber nicht korrekt initialisiert wird (kein link
> >beat).
> Sorry, didn't mean to post that to the list. I need to wear a paper
> bag for some time.
> What I wrote is: 2.2.19 has both rtl8139 and 8139too, and sourceforge
> has a even later 8139too for 2.4.3 which fixes an initializing problem
> occuring on an older 8139-based card with the 8139 too from stock
> 2.4.3.

While more or less on the subject 8139, could someone please explain the
differenses between these, and what benefits one might have over the
other.  I've used them both without trouble, but I asume there is a
reason why 8139too was written (it's newer right?)

If someone could enlighten my on this I would be gratefull.

Best regards,

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