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Moving from openssh to ssh2

I want to run ssh2 because I really like the convenience and security of
using both the ssh2 server and ssh2 client software.  I am very comfortable
using public keys for authentication and want to allow only logins with that
public keys. (I already know how to configure the ssh2_config and
sshd2_config to allow that.)  The box I am installing ssh2 on is run as a
game server and web server at a local ISP. This is mostly for hobby and
learning about Linux. The server is running Debian, obviously, (it must be
late).  I am running Win2k at home.

I am a relative Linux Newbie, and there are some things I am still having
trouble understanding.  I have spent the entire evening looking for an
answer to my question.

I have already downloaded and installed ssh2 on my server.  I have installed
and configured ssh2 client on my home machine.  In the past I have had other
people install this software for me but I want to be able to do it myself.
I just installed a clean Potato Debian on the machine.  This was done to
clean off a year's bunch of junk that other people put on the box--these
people no longer have access to the server.

OK now that the introduction is over, here are my questions:

The  server is running ssh1.  How do I remotely
1. start sshd2 (it will say port 22 is in use)
2. kill and delete ssh1
3. create the proper init strings in init.d (if this is where that belongs)
to link calls for sshd --->sshd2
4. create the proper init string to run sshd2 on server startup or reboot.
5. Reboot the machine and NOT have to call the ISP tech support to fix what
I just did!

If the answers to these questions are on the internet, please just point me
in the right direction.  Thank you all for your help and support.  I am fast
becoming a Linux believer.

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