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Re: StarOffice + Unstable

Michael Perry wrote:
> This is rather strange I think.  I have two unstable boxes which get updated
> quite often and I have no problems with staroffice.  ARe these systems by
> chance running the 2.4.x kernel series?  I have seen some posts in the
> newsgroups about people with issues with StarOffice and the 2.4.x kernels.
> I am running 2.2.18 here on both systems.  StarOffice opens documents,
> prints, saves, just fine.  Do these systems run kde or gnome 1.4?  I only
> run windowmaker here.  I have done all the upgrades like anyone else.  This
> system is uptodate as of today at about 1600 pdt.
> I would respond to the list with this but I have been having problems
> getting my responses accepted lately.
> --
> Michael Perry
> mperry@tsoft.com
> -------------------

Hmm...  I was running a 2.4.2 kernel.  In view of what you said I got
the 2.4.3 kernel source and tried that - no change - same error, and
then tried my last 2.4.1 kernel - still no-go.

I've got three Debian unstables installed on this box and when I get an
upgrade/snapshot that I'm happy with I freeze it and then bring the next
oldest snapshot up to date, and start updating that.  I tried booting up
my last snapshot - running a 2.4.2 kernel, and that was ok, so it seems
that it's one of the packages that has caused the problem.

Although I can get the --get-selections list from dpkg, there doesn't
seem to be a way of getting a list of installed packages and their
versions.  I can identify the newest packages from their date stamp but
there was over 100 packages updated last time I did it.  When I get more
time I'll try reverting some of the more obvious candidates.


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