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Re: water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

%% Known Human Nick Rusnov <nick@grawk.net> writes:

  khnr> As for running telnet, telnet is fine as long as you know your
  khnr> network is private and secure (eg a private subnet lan of which
  khnr> you are the only user) .. otherwise your passwords are exposed
  khnr> in cleartext to anyone who cares to listen.

On my local network I have installed and run telnet-ssl and telnetd-ssl.
This is "normal" telnet authentication, but your password, etc. is sent
encrypted instead of in the clear.  That's enough paranoia for me, since
I have a very strict firewall guarding it.

Check it out (apt-get install telnet-ssl telnetd-ssl).

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