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Re: Progeny Debian

i tried it.  here's a message i sent to my lug.

"alright, i gave it a shot.  i repeal my defense of progeny.   

wanna know how to break a progeny install, even one from scratch really
fast?  uncheck installing gnome.  tell it you don't want sawfish...   

boom.  dependancy hell, which i tried for a good 20 minutes to get apt to
correct properly.  which it wouldn't.  some garbage about esound, and
sawfish, and and... well, it goes on.	yes, i probably could have fixed
it.  but it's not worth that kind of trouble on a fresh system.  fresh
systems should work after install.  am i incorrect?   

oh, it didn't setup x properly in the install.	i had to run xf86config

yes, i could install gnome i guess... but...  

i'm a blackbox user, and use that and lots of gtk apps.  but, i do not
use anything that requires bunches of gnome libs.   i know what apps i
want, and like, and that about does it.   if progeny essentially forces
me to end up with a bloated install... well, it won't be finding my
support anytime soon.

ah well, was worth it just to satisfy curiousity.  just pop in a debian
cd and rerun lilo to fix the mess it made with grub.

what is the point of making an 'easier debian', when debian is easier
than this. 


i think it's a great idea, often times lately, i'd like a nice gui
configuration center for setting up a printer, or samba or somthing.  
but...	if the install won't let me do what i want.  i think i'm going to
have to stick with plain debian and like it.  i hope they get some of
those issues worked out.  i really do think it's a good idea.

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:29:04 -0400 (EDT), Net Owl whispered to the

!!Hey Users...
!!   I caught this article over at /. that other day.  It
!! was discussing Progeny Debian.  It seems kinda like a
!! neat Idea...What does the list think?  Any ideas? 
!! anyone already tried it?
!! Thanks,
!! --Net Owl
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