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Re: geforce2 'rapid' screen save

I've the NVIDIA driver on two machines, one a TNT2 M64 the other a
GeForce 256.

On the TNT M64 machine, when switching virtual screens using
Ctl-Alt-F8 (e.g., running two X servers) the screen goes blank as
usual, but then stays that way permanently! The whole machine is
locked, keyboard and all. The only solution seems to be a power cycle.

This has also happened when running some of the GL screen savers in

Using the "nv" driver from XFree86 I have never had this
problem. Normally when switch virtual screens the current screen goes
blank, the monitor momentarily looses the signal, then the new screen
comes to life! This seems to normal behaviour.

On the GeForce machine I only run a single X server and have not seen
this problem, although exiting from the evas_test program from the
evas-demo package crashed the X server.


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