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Re: Help! Accidentally started deleting /usr

On Sunday 08 April 2001 18:48, Mark Phillips wrote:
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I have been in the OOPS directory too. I was a little luckier depending on 
how you look at it, since I first do my routine stuff as user THEN move to 
root for those tasks that are required then back. After setting up my 
wonderful fax software, I had a ton of faxes in the queue during my testing. 
I simply issued "rm * /var/spool/fax/queue"                  OOPSIES
But I'd already pressed the 'enter' key and the damage was rapid and silly. 
Yet I was only a user in my home directory. Here, an undelete would have 
saved a lot of local work and some great local humor files I hadn't archived 

I DID actually go the alias way for rm when I'm root. It's a pain, but when 
you do work in the wee hours, it seems like the only sober way to do it.

So, handholding or not, I think a garbage directory & undelete would be a 
pretty cool feature.

Backups, yes, but even a local weekly backup can loose a lot of stuff 
depending on how much stuff comes in locally.

So, if you're building an undelete package, I'd like to try it when you have 
it debianized :) 

tatah and take care

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