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Debian GNU/Linux on DEC Alpha ...

Dear Debian-Team,

Recently I learned about the availability of Debian GNU/Linux
and its excellent performance on various systems. Further I was
told that it is supposed to be more stable than Suse of RedHat
Linux - is that true?

Having read through some of the information pages provided
on your homepage www.debian.org, however,  I am now not
sure whether Debian can be used on DEC Alpha workstations.
Could you please help me on that matter?

For rather recent video cards, such as a 32MB nVidia Geforce ...,
I found that Debian does not yet support them. Is there a possibility
to obtain drivers for such cards from your group and how long,
approximately, one does have to wait for them?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,
    Josef Synka

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