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Re: Shutdown

Hall Stevenson wrote:


> How many people use this ?? I've rarely had Linux lock up on me, but a
> few times I have had X lockup to the point that hitting the power switch
> was my only option... I think I've seen this in "make menuconfig"
> before. Isn't it the last selection in the menu ??
> If I were to use this, I don't think you'd want to use "b" by itself,
> since it doesn't sync the disks. Can you use multiple selections, like
> "s" first and then "b" ??

I've used this some time in the past (was playing with svgalib), and yes, you
can try to sync your HD ("s"), try to remount your HD ("u") and than you can try
to reboot ("b").

You can even try to kill ("k") the current application, but this sometime don't
help enough...


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