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Re: Debian + exim + procmail

garyjones@linuxfreemail.com writes:

> I've also been told that in standard configuration exim doesn't even
> need the .forward, that just seeing a .procmailrc will provoke it
> into invoking procmail.

That's right. Here's a snippet from a typical Debian exim
configuration file:

,----[ /etc/exim.conf fragment ]
| # This director runs procmail for users who have a .procmailrc file
| procmail:
|   driver = localuser
|   transport = procmail_pipe
|   require_files = ${local_part}:+${home}:+${home}/.procmailrc:+/usr/bin/procmail
|   no_verify

Notice the "require_files" directive. It's saying that if
~/.procmailrc exists and procmail is installed, route the message
through the "procmail_pipe" transport, which you can find defined
elsewhere in the same file.

Steven E. Harris        :: seh@speakeasy.org
GnuPG                   :: 0x70248E67

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