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Re: up to date kernel programming

I use two books from Oreilly:
Linux Device Drivers - Alessandro Rubini
Understanding the linux kernel - Bovet & Cesati

The first one is a little old nut contains usefull informations.
The second one is recent and really good. As the title said, it's focussed on the kernel understanding that on the driver development. 

I'm interresting by your ncd .


On dim, 01 avr 2001 12:39:43 Sebastiaan wrote:
> Hi,
> can someone point me to a more upt to date document about writing device
> drivers?
> I read some docs described in Documenteation/kernel-docs.txt, but they are
> obsolete. The given examples do not work and the kernel source is still
> too complex for me.
> I am trying to write a network character device, so you can export this
> devices over the network, just like nbd.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sebastiaan
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