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Re: ISDN setup

>On 02-Apr-2001 Matt Thompson wrote:
>> We are a casualty of the Northpoint closure, but fortunately have our
>> line still in operation.  I'm considering purchasing the Eicon DIVA
>> Pro
>> PCI ISDN adapter to install in the Potato server here.
>> Can anyone recommend or warn about this card?  Any suggestions on
>> getting
>> it set up properly?  I've heard that ISDN can be a real pain.

Well, if you can afford it and you´re aware that configuring a 
PCI-ISDN-adapter is more difficult than an analog external modem, I 
suggest buying an external ISDN-TA. I have my Zyxel Omni TA 128 for 3
years now (and it was in use by $formeremployer for dialin-services 
for years before that) and never ever had a single problem. The thing 
also has the advantage of having 2 serial ports, the second one you can 
use with the built-in ISDN-analyzer to grab nice things (like stats) 
out of the TA and to configure the thingie on-the-fly (eg for 
distributing calls for an MSN to one of the analog ports).


just my 2 cents,
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