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Re: signing off

> In the month or so I have had debian on the machine I have not been able to
> get pon to work. I can't get kppp to work. the printer does not work in
> star office or koffice. It just another distro that is not ready for prime time

Is this a failure of the distribution, or the user? 

This kind of attitude is really useless. "Not ready for prime time"
is quite subjective - the truth is, you're not ready for Debian, not the
other way round. Granted, there are things in Debian that could use
improvement, but I'd hardly say that it's "not ready for prime time."
I would say that Debian GNU/Linux - or any distribution - may not be
for certain users. I don't know about the other folks on the list,
but I'm tired of hearing complaints from people who make a
half-hearted attempt to use Linux for a while moping around mailing 
lists complaining about how everything is so hard and expecting everyone
else in the world to configure their OS for them.

My understanding is that this list is for users who need help, and
users who think they can help. (Often, people are in both roles.)
If you feel a need to bitch about Debian without any specific question
or real constructive criticism, why bother to post it to this list?

I'm not a Linux God, but I've been using it for five or six years now
and I'm willing to try to help anyone who asks - if I can, of course.
At the beginning I was frustrated by these kinds of things as well,
but I hung in there and learned, and learned...and learned. And it
often seems that every new thing I learn opens the door to six more
things that I want to learn...but at least I have control over my
systems, and I'm enjoying the experience.   

Okay, I'm done ranting, sorry for the interruption... 

Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier
ICQ: 43599611
"We are healthy only to the extent our ideas are humane."
Kurt Vonnegut

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