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Re: signing off

Well I can understand your frustration.  I know that I
have installed Debian at least 12 times and I finally
have it to do what I want, but it took a lot of
reading to get here.  I don't understand the pon thing
though cause on my initial installation I was able to
set up wvdial and it didn't have a problem finding my
externial modem... Is it that you have a winmodem?
Have you tried to use the pppconfig?  Since starting
to use Debian I have also been able to install the
correct drivers for my Lucent WinModem and it works
great.. As far as StarOffice I had that installed on a
Mandrake disto without a problem and also the printer
would set up right out of the box. Mandrake also will
install teh Windozz fonts for you with their DrakFont.

  Last but not least have you asked for help?  This is
a really good list to get help from.
--- paul taylor <ptay1@bestweb.net> wrote:
> In the month or so I have had debian on the machine
> I have not been able to
> get pon to work. I can't get kppp to work. the
> printer does not work in
> star office or koffice. It just another distro that
> is not ready for prime time
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