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Re: Re: StarOffice

on Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 09:39:07PM +0200, Robert Voigt (f1k@gmx.de) wrote:
>  >I don't think so as Staroffice is not a free or open source software 
>  >and Sun does not give the sources
> Star Office is GPL. 

StarOffice, that bloated stuck pig of an office suite, is *not* GPL.

OpenOffice, which is derived from StarOffice, that bloated stuck pig of
an office suite, *is* multiple-licensed, including under the GPL/LGPL.
It's hosted by Collab.Net at http://www.openoffice.org/.

> I just don't think there will be a package maintainer for such a
> monster package. Just today I learned they have 180 people working on
> it. That's why it's so big and slow :)

No, blame legacy.

Last time I checked (~Nov, 2000), the install was about 70 MB and the
development environment was ~650 MB.  Way Too Big For Prime Time®.  And
it broke horribly.

I had words with Brian Behelendorf at the time.  He, Collab, and Sun are
well aware of the problems, and are hopefully doing something to repair
them.  I haven't stayed up with developments as I, frankly, don't care
for office suites.

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