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Re: StarOffice

on Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 02:35:32PM -0400, Christopher W. Aiken (cwaiken@telerama.com) wrote:
> Is there a Debianized version of Staroffice 5.2
> available somewhere?


Download it from Sun or get a CDROM (there are still freebies floating
around in the right places, or pay a small media charge for it).  Follow
the *net* installation instructions, not the "standard" install (fscking
brain-dead fscking default). 

You're going to want to run, as root:

    $ install /net

...and specify an installation location (I use /opt/SOffice52, which
maps to /usr/local/SOffice52).  If you chose the standard installation,
you have to do a full StarOffice, that bloated stuck pig of an office
suite, install for each user.  As I said, fscking brain dead.

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