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Re: signing off

Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> writes:

> paul taylor wrote:
> >  It just another distro that is not ready for prime time

I sympathise  with your reaction (computers  really are a  pain in the
ass), though I think any assessment  of Debian is very much a question
of perspective and the resulting  expectations. For example, at work I
run Solaris,  a "Commercial" O/S,  and I find  it much easier  to make
things  work under  Debian.   So, approaching  Debian  from a  Unixish
perspective, I  think it's pretty  good. The main problem  with Debian
Linux  is  that it  is,  by  association, forced  to  live  up to  the
marketing hype  generated by other  distributions and the  whole Linux
thing in  general. I'm  not a  big believer in  this "the  computer is
always right" ideology espoused by many computer people, but FWIW I
think the  best way to  enjoy Debian is  to buy into the  hackish Unix
philosophy  of doing things  the "hard"  way. For  me, the  "hard" way
usually turns out to be the easy way in the long run. The greatest sin
of  contemporary O/S's  is that  they pretend  to assume  the  user is
stupid, and subsequently make him actually feel stupid when things fail
to work  as advertised. The  advertising is the problem.  


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