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Debian + exim + procmail

Okay, exim has confused me again. I've just set up procmail, per that 
app's documentation. Now exim says

2001-04-02 22:13:59 14kAi7-00005E-01 ** |exec /usr/bin/procmail 
<gdj@localhost> D=userforward T=address_pipe: "exec" command not 
found for address_pipe transport

in the log. Iassume the D= & T= refer to Director and Transport 
entries in exim.conf? My .forward file is:

"|exec /usr/bin/procmail"

So... so... what? What did I miss? I can see something in the exim 
documentation about procmail, but can't understand exactly how it 
applies to me. I find the Exim spec somewhat unintelligible at the 
best of times, but I was up 'til 3am last night (this morning) so I'm 
'somewhat' tired right now.

Debian 2.1r4 (kernel v2.0.39); XFree86 3.3.6
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