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Re: newbie-esque: how to cut & paste?

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 12:05:25PM -0800, Jim Richardson wrote:
> > Wait til you type 'shutdown -h now' on the workstation in front of you 
> > and nothing happens, then from the other room (where all the servers 
> > are...) you hear, "Hey!  What the %$%#@?!" 
> > 
> Or do the same thing by hitting the up arrow key one time too many
> followed by return...
> Anyone know how to make bash history *not* keep certain commands?  :)

If you edit a command in your history and then execute a different
one, the edited command remains in your history.  For example, the
sequence <up>^a^k<down><enter> (where ^a means control-a) erases the
previous command from my history (although it puts it in my kill ring,
but that's not so dangerous.

You can also use ^r to search for something specific; I use this if
I'm going back more than few commands.  Read the history section of
the bash man page for more fun tricks.


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